How do projects work?

It’s pretty easy actually. First we chat with you and figure out what do you need (don’t worry if you’re not sure we can help you figure it out). Then we’ll send over a price quote and if everything sounds good we’ll get started. We’ll make some designs, you’ll love them, then we’ll do some coding and other setup stuff and wrap it all up with some high-fives.

How does billing work?

We like to work on flat rate projects so there are no surprises (buuut we can work hourly if you insist). We’ll just email your invoice and you can pay securely online. For smaller projects we typically bill upfront, for larger projects we will split the invoice a deposit and the rest when we’re finished.

Can you just do it all for me?

Hey, you’re busy we get it. If you don’t care to mess with it yourself or just don’t have the time we’re happy to take care of things for you. We can provide managed services, like calendar planning, campaign creation, testing, strategy, sending, tracking and even performance reporting your email campaigns for you.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We’re partners with a number of Email Service Providers, who allow us to offer some pretty steep discounts. We also offer discounts for purchasing multiple templates or services at once. On top of that we offer discounts for non-profits (just let us know you’re a non-profit when you chat with us and we’ll apply a discount for the good work you do).

How many design revisions do I get?

As many as it takes really. We’ll work with you until you’re happy with your design and only move forward once you’ve approved it (the good news is we almost always get it right on the 1st or 2nd go ’round).

Do I get a discount if I already have a design?

Sure! It saves us time, so why not? If you already have a nice finished (or partial) design you like and only need it coded we’re happy to do just that. We’ll even throw some best practice recommendations your way if you’re interested.

Do you provide support?

Yep! Every template we create comes with support for as long as you (or we) are alive. If anything breaks, just let us know and we’ll fix it. We also provide complimentary training with free email strategy tips & tricks with our projects :)

How long is a typical project?

Usually just 1 or 2 weeks. If you’re in a big hurry we’ll work with you with whatever your deadline is. We’ve been known to turn things around in just a couple days (sometimes even the very same day, if you’re lucky).

Can you help me automate my marketing?

Yes! I’m sure you know one of the biggest reasons we don’t mail enough is because it take so much time. We offer a number of autoresponder (drip-campaign) services as well as RSS based templates that fill themselves out automatically and can even mail themselves if you so choose. Pretty fancy.

Can you make mobile emails?

Definitely. These days you’d almost have to be crazy not to. We can create emails that look (and work) great across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Niiice.

Do you do speculative work?

Nope! Spec work is bad for both agencies as well as clients. Agencies who do such work inevitably end up passing the costs of failed projects onto their paying clients, which is no good in our book. We hope our strong portfolio and hordes of happy clients should be peace of mind enough for us to work together :)

What else do you do?

Ah, glad you asked…

Our Full Service List

(if you don’t see it here, feel free to ask anyway)

Email Design & Production

Look, we’re email nerds. We think your emails should look great and perform even better. We’ll deliver your brand and your message into the inbox with smashing success.

  • Template Mockup Design
  • Rock-Solid Email Coding
  • Inbox Rendering Testing


List Services

While admittedly not the most exciting thing, your email list is arguably one of your most valuable assets. We’ll help you grow your list and ultimately make you bunches of money.

  • New Subscriber Retention
  • Subscriber Reactivation
  • Database Segmentation
  • Lead Nurturing Services
  • Email Change of Address
  • Email Address Appending
  • List Cleaning/Hygiene

Triggered Messages

These are some of the most important (and most often overlooked) emails that you can ever send. If you don’t have a killer welcome email (or series), you’re most likely doing something wrong.

  • Welcome Series
  • Onboarding Series
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • RSS Driven Newsletters
  • Receipt Emails


Website Design & Integration

Emails are rarely a standalone thing. If you need a shiny new landing page to help convert customers or even a full website we can produce them quickly and affordably.

  • Signup Forms
  • WordPress-Based Websites
  • Website Management
  • Landing Pages

Managed Services

Working in concert with marketing executives and/or in-house teams, we’re often called upon to manage the entire email marketing effort for medium to large-scale enterprises.

  • Outsourced Email Marketing Management
  • Turn-key Strategy and Production
  • Ongoing Testing, Optimization, and Delivery
  • Email Service Provider Recommendations
  • A/B Testing & Benchmarks
  • Statistics Reporting


Training & Support

We’ll transform your team into in-house experts, providing the knowledge and materials they need to master strategy and best practices.

  • On-Site & Virtual Training
  • Workbooks & Style Guides
  • Broken Email Troubleshooting
  • Ongoing Consulting & Support

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